Advanced Drywall Solutions Construction Inc.

About Our Company

ADS Construction Inc. was founded in 2009 by Danny Amburgey CEO, starting as a subcontractor with a C9 License Providing clients with drywall installation and panel finishes. Since then with the support from a team of Craftsman and a very diverse administration team we help you succeed! ADS has bonding capacity up to 5 million per job, ADS has a certification for 8A-Small Business Administration (SBA) and is ISN safety certified!

Our Services

ADS Construction has a CSLB #929656 covering B-C9-C35 license. ADS is capable of providing clients with a ground up building experience providing construction management; from estimating to contract awards to providing structural-interior-exterior panel installations and finishes!

Our Showcase

ADS provides the highest quality of workmanship in all our jobs. We pride ourselves in our skills and would like you to take a look at our showcase to see our current projects as then unfold! Showcase 

What We Do

Metal Stud Framing

Quality detailed construction estimates are provided per plan or for specialty design builds, that need a budget structural metal stud framing for interior-exterior uses.

Drywall Installation

ADS uses all types of drywall panels installation and finishes from level 3 thru level 5 and high quality types of lath and plaster applications for interior and exterior needs for our clients.

Exterior Stucco

ADS provides quality stucco to include all options from a conventional three coat system to an acrylic with any texture desired by the owner.

Have a Large Project?

We have supported our clients in large scale projects in Laguna Niguel, CA assisted living 5 story facility and Lake Havasu CA for a new 4 story casino.

Core Team

Join Our Team!

Advanced Drywall Solutions Construction Inc. is always looking for qualified people to support our overall vision which is to provide the best product-on time- safely-and on budget to our clients, please send resumes to for all positions. We are a equal opportunity employer based out of the central coast of California, we cover San Luis Obispo County,  Santa Barbara County, Ventura County and south to the Orange and LA Counties.

  • Construction estimators experience in drywall lath and plaster
  • Construction project managers in drywall lath and plaster
  • Construction administration- AP/AR/HR/ certified payroll/billings/collections